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her heart won't heal, but his memory will live on. the man gunned down while feeding the homeless. tonight, new information from the police and pass tors in 100 churches come together to honor his legacy. thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre.
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back tonight at the very location where brother john was gunned down. oakland's community gathered this evening as police releaseda y have been used in the shooting. it looks like this one. police aren't the only ones that are looking for answers as are community leaders who attended the candle light vigil. >> reporter: very emotional evening, jessica. this is a case where police truly need your help. you have a family in mourning and a community who says they lost someone who truly cares about them. good samaritan, gunned down while trying to feed the hungry, could barely stand as she tried her best to attend the candle light vigil.
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>> his wife is hurting, his family is hurting, oh, god, but you said you came to heal the broken hearted. >> reporter: paris powell was shot and killed after midnight wednesday while he and his family stopped by to drop off food in the 1,000 block of 47th avenue in oakland. his family says feeding the homeless was his calling. his pregnant wife and her two children were in the car at the time when powell was shot in the head in a drive-by shooting. bill holloway was there and saw it all. >> i wish it would have been me instead of him, i really do. i would not hesitate to go instead of him. >> reporter: police released this picture of a ford wind star minivan. detectives say the suspect vehicle looks similar to this one, turquoise in color, a 2000 or later. >> it is about a good samaritan, a man of god who stood in these streets willing to give his life
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for other people. and this is a total outrage that this would happen. >> he was a very important person to us and to the community. so just wanted to express morning and grieving. >> he was trying to make a difference. that was so important, you know. and it's not right. >> you got some nutcases out here, okay? and that's one of them. and if they don't catch him, he's going to kill somebody else. >> reporter: this family is in desperate need of financial help, and 100 churches throughout oakland are coming together to help out. they are planning a march in honor of the victims killed in oakland, and that's planned for september. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. last week, the lapd admitted their mistake. giovanni ramirez is breaking his silence from jail.
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through his attorney, ramirez said -- >> he's currently serving a september tense -- sentence from a parole violation. as for the new suspects, both men will be arraigned august 10th on charges of assault, mayhem and battery. meanwhile, brian stow remains in serious condition at san francisco general hospital after the attack at dodger stadium on march 31st. burglars are not taking a vacation. they've been active this summer. home robberies are increasing in the bay area. a slumping economy, dwindling police, and since monday, seven different homes have been broken into. let's bring in jean elle.
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what's happening out there and is there a common strategy by the burglars? >> reporter: police say two men are targeting homes here and they do have a strategy. they knock on doors. if no one is home, they break in. if somebody answers, they make up an excuse why they're there and move on. belmont is a quiet community. >> a lot of walkers. people like to exercise, they walk around here. very nice neighborhood. >> reporter: police say burglars are taking advantage. since monday, seven homes have been ba been burglarized. just down the street from here. >> it's scary. >> reporter: police say the suspects are knocking on doors. if no one is home, they go around back and break in. if someone is home, they ask if the homeowner has seen their lost dog. show says she's being careful about opening her door.
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>> i look out my window. >> reporter: she says her guard is up. >> if i'm by myself, i look through the window. >> reporter: she says last month, a man dressed as a utility worker tried to get in her home. >> yellow hard hat and he wasn't really saying what he wanted. then he said he wanted to --- >> reporter: she didn't call police, but police hope if there's a next time she will call. can e departments say youcc1: help stop these break-ins. if you see something or someone that doesn't belong in the cc1: neighborhood, call your police department so they can check it out. reporting live, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. her family may be holding ut hope, but investigators inc: the michelle le case tonight say they might soon be announcing a suspect in her killing. the nursing student has been
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two months now cc1: after taking a break from doing rounds at kaiser medical center in hayward. police have evidence that she was killed and that evidence has helped them eliminate some so-called persons of interest. police are confident they'll know the identity of the suspect very near future. now to a mystery in the south bay. she disappeared ten years ago this week. prosecutors are getting new evidence in the janeane harms case.cc1: her body was never found. she was last seen at the rock bottom brewery in campbell where befriended two men. today, prosecutors were to receive lab test results on fibers which could link harms to the last man to see her alive. he was murdered earlier this year. the technology has advanced significantly in the decades since she disappeared. she was 42 at the time. prosecutors hope to release the
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new data next week. an east bay art student paralyzed in a hit and run accident is determined to realize her dreams. 22-year-old amanda barnes was in a cross walk on july 12th when an suv slammed into her. leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. but instead of dwelling on her disability, she's focusing on her talent and future. >> i'm blessed that i'm still me and i still have my head, i still have my hands, so i can still paint and draw, do the thing that i was most passionate about. ever since i was a little girl, i told myself i was going to be a famous artist. i'm pretty sure one day i will be. >> she sim press save. she said she would like to see the driver arrested and prosecuted. police are hoping someone saw something and will come forward with information. the debt ceiling drama goes unresolved again tonight in
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washington. two hours after the boehner bill passed the house, senate democrats killed it. now all eyes are turning to mitch mcconnell. democrats say only he can fast track debate and make a deal. meanwhile, the president insists a compromise is still possible. >> this is not a situation where the two parties are miles apart. we're in rough agreement about how much spending can be cut responsibly. >> with the deadline less than 100 hours away, mcconnell signaled he is ready to make a deal with the president. coming up next, he lost both legs and part of a hand. now he might be losing something else. the war veteran from afghanistan is hoping bay area doctors can work their magic. the annual event really stinks. but this year's garlic festival is about more than just good food. while the bay area gets ready for gilroy, we'll tell you and
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something going on behind the scenes. >> fetch, roll over, play dead, can your dog match this? good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. tonight, we're dropping to 58 here in the south bay. ro'll talk about thunderstorhe c weekend a for your comi
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violence in afghanistan is on the rise with insurgents trying to regain territory lost to the u.s.-led coalition. u.s. troops are facing a combat zone that's riddled with roadside bombs. one veteran, though, survived the attacks and lived to tell. he's back home, a triple amputee. but now he could lose something else, and this time right here on u.s. soil. and it turns out he's not alone. jean elle has more on a hidden injury veterans are facing. >> i was with a patrol, just like another rifleman. >> reporter: 19-year-old lance corporal ortiz was working as a combat photographer for the u.s. marines in afghanistan.
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when his unit went on patrol january 15th. >> pretty much plain and simple, somebody was going to get hit that day. that somebody was me. >> reporter: he was hit by an ied. >> just went inside a compound, they found a cache. that was good for us. i guess that area wasn't secured, so -- >> reporter: he's a triple ambu tee. but ophthalmologists are worried he could worry his sight. he says explosions that cause brain injuries off cause eye injuries. >> if they were near blasts and lost consciousness, they would be at risk. >> reporter: this is no small problem. the defense and veterans brain injury center says at least 212,000 veterans have brain
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injuries and they all need this specialized eye exam. dr. cokerham says he is focused on getting vets examined. a closer look with a tool can reveal dangerous internal injuries. >> as the eye is compressed from the blast wave, this is the part in the eye that tears most easily. we can look in there and see scarring for the rest of their lives if this has been damaged. that scarring means that area doesn't work anymore. >> reporter: that causes fluid buildup and acute glaucoma and a detached retina. minding injuries that can be treated if caught. >> yes, we got those conditions under control. >> you just never know. >> reporter: ortiz says his vision is find, but is proceeding with testing to make sure. for ortiz, his sight is his future. he plans to return to photography when he heads home. jean elle, nbc bay area news.
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>> doctors plan to monitor patients long-term to see if there are more side effects. if final hearing for the two uc berkeley grad in prison in iran is scheduled for this sunday. they have been in prison for two years. along with sarah shourd, they were all hiking along the iraq-iran border when arrested by iranian police. shourd was released last september for medical reasons. and today she repeated that the three did not knowingly cross the iranian border. but iranian authorities accused them of spying and illegal entry. the two have pleaded not guilty. apparently mother doesn't know best. that's the case with that female gray whale we've been telling you about. they spent the last few weeks swimming in the river up near the oregon border.
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the whale continues to draw crowds but now she's swimming alone. cae beshe can't find enough ght food in the fresh water. >> currently the thought is give her a few days and hope that she'll turn and leave as her calf did. >> on saturday, her calf swam three miles to the ocean. now biologists have been trying to coax the momma whale back to the pacific. consider this, 33 years and still pungent. in fact, it's getting bigger and better every year. the garlic capital of the world is throwing its annual party and thousands are flocking to gilroy and thousands are flocking to charity. that's how it works. let's bring in george kiriyama. george, continue bother coming home tonight. just get a hotel room down no carrierringringconnect 38400
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>> who send out volunteers to help. the more hours you volunteer, the more money you receive. last year, the football team
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received close to $8,000. >> it's a great number. without it, we couldn't have the program of football. the cost of all the football equipment is, you know, astronomical to get the proper safety equipment for the kids. >> reporter: equipment like helmets, pamtds and pads can run into the thousands of dollars. >> it helps keep the cost down, the initial fees that they have to pay. >> while football teaches the players team work and discipline, volunteering at the garlic festival provides another lesson in life. >> it teaching them how to pay it forward type of thing. get the work done to help yourself. >> reporter: now, last year $270,000 were issued to 168 charities and nonprofit organizations. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. and jeff ranieri did his own volunteer work at the garlic festival. >> he's our resident garlic
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expert. >> my tongue is still burning. i got way too close to the flames. that is a good time out there, the garlic festival kicking off today. in gilroy, we had 85 degrees. 80 in san jose. 87 in livermore. 64 in san francisco. and 77 in san rafael. most of the communities dropping into the 50s and low 60s. kind of a cool to cold night, especially in the north bay. 57 in nevado. could be near record setting lows in the north bay, dropping into the low 50s tonight. so cool to cold start for the weekend. here's something new and exciting for you. yes, i know we don't see too many changes in the bay area, but humid air flowing in saturday and sunday. piqued my interest here today. with the warm air in place, the chance of isolated
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thunderstorms. not only for sunday but let's back up here a little bit, also into tomorrow's forecast, as well. so let's get a look. tomorrow morning, we'll find the fog in the usual spots, the peninsula, coastline and by 2:00 p.m., sunny skies for the north bay, east bay, south bay, peninsula and gilroy. 58 tonight in san jose. 58 in redwood city and 55 in san francisco. if you're going to the 33rd annual garlic festival, temperatures in the low 80s through 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 tomorrow. while the admission is ranging up to $17, a lot of the proceeds help those local charities throughout the south bay. sit a great cause. for tomorrow, 86 in gilroy. 88 in morgan hill. and 88 in san jose. dublin, 86. and for most of the bayside
11:21 pm
areas, redwood city, san mateo, a range of 70s. 87 in napa. on the north bay forecast numbers, low to mid 80s throughout the valleys. morning time, what you'll find are these mid to upper 80s inland for monday, tuesday and wednesday. and 60s at the coastline. we'll have that slight chance of sierra thunderstorms as we head into saturday and sunday's forecast. so some real nice weather the next couple of weeks and that's about it. >> did you bring some?ter the>> >> you get it, we'll try it. >> we're back in a moment.
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is this the fast lane to identity theft? a new radio ad is warning california voters that signing petitions could increase your risk for identity theft. this comes as backers of several high profile ballot measures hit the streets looking for signatures. this is happening across the state. the 60 second commercial features a man telling his wife he shouldn't have signed a me fission at the grocery store. under state law, it's illegal to use initiative signatures for anything other than the initiative petition. >> all right, let's go over to the comcast news desk. lots of people, very sad about
11:25 pm
the news. >> we'll get to that, jessica. what a busy day in local nfl football. nambi leaving, but we'll tell you where the former oakland corner is headed. plus, the giants in cincinnati tonight. the game going to extra innings. but would the torture be worth it for san francisco? find out ahead here on nbc bay area. turn left.
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good evening. i'm brody brazil. a football free agent frenzy, but we begin with the giants trying to win their third straight on the road. san francisco in cincinnati. to . top of the th. aubrey huff is going to try to score from first. it's a close play, he's getting the wave around, he's in there safe. this game is tied at 3-3. but it would go to extra frames. bottom of the 13th, edgar renteria, last year's world series mvp. this ball game is over. cincinnati wins it 4-3 in 13.
11:29 pm
twins and the a's at the coliseum. bottom of the first, josh willingham, deep to left, off of san francisco liriano, game tied at 2-2. his 15th of the season. later on, top of the 8th, michael wertz gives up this shot to michael cuddyer. 9-2 twins, they win 9-5 your final. hours after the 49ers and jets were reported to have backed out of the sweep stakes, the philadelphia eagles got their man. his new contract worth $60 million over five years. philly has tree pro bowl corner backs on their roster. it was a monumental day for jim harbaugh and the 49ers. the former stanford coach led his first training camp practice with the team at santa clara headquarters. he's got a lot of holes to fill, not to mention that the lockout
11:30 pm
has him behind schedule. today, he outlined the task ahead, including -- >> i made hundreds of adjustments. the rule changes were still coming today, so a lot of time to plan for this. but i'll be glad when we know all the rules and don't have to keep changing practice schedules sometimes two, three times a day. i'm notcomplaining, though. it was a well-run practice. >> welcome to the show. cam newton signed a contract with the carolina panthers, four years, $22 million. last year, the number one draft pick earned about $50 million more, but still i don't think cam is going to have a problem at least food wise and buying groceries. >>
11:31 pm
s, $22 millions nic nehborhood to ben. >>e'll be rit back. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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> cat videos are so last week. a rambunctious puppy is the new sensation. rosy is trying desperately to get her friend to play. everyone xhul >> love dogs play dead, but nobody does it like rosy. she appears to watch for her friend's reaction and yep, she ruruns around again. others say rosy is the best dog performer since run tin tin. >> that's a good trick. >> it was a little rough tuesday and wednesday, but we have come to the end of the week. >> hallelujah. bye-bye.

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